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What are you getting out of the deal?

Cash Money

Need we say more?

Store Discounts

Cost pricing on all store merchandise

Reference Kickbacks

Someone purchases a product from our store and mentions your name? You receive a kickback.

Cash Money -

0-25,000 Followers : $20 per post

25,000-50,000 Followers : $25 per post

50,000-75,000 Followers: $30 per post

75,000 + Followers : 35$ per post

Store Discounts-

Our cost pricing on all personal merchandise. ALSO exclusive pre lease merch. 

Vendor/ Sponsor/ VIP parking standard pricing. 

Reference Kickbacks -

If someone chooses your name at checkout as their point of reference, you will receive a 3% kickback returned as store credit. This can be used towards anything.

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